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Appointment With My GI Doctor

I visited my Gastroenterologist this week to discuss having an endoscopy.  I want  to check the status of my esophagus.  I’ve made a lot of lifestyle and diet changes and my symptoms have improved quite a bit, but they are not gone totally and I just want to know the condition of my esophagus at this point.

I mentioned that I had not taken my Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) medication for two months and that I actually feel better.  Well never mind how I feel, the doctor wanted to know why I stopped taking the medication.  I told her that I didn’t like the side effects of the medication and that I felt my symptoms had worsened while I was taking the PPI and I didn’t want to take it anymore so I stopped.  I also mentioned how my ENT doctor told me PPI’s cause dementia among other things.  So then I was told I could take a different medication it doesn’t have to be a PPI.  I was a little confused and dismayed because I thought the goal was to help me get off all medications, prescription and OTC.  I just told her that  I’ve made diet and lifestyle changes and that I feel better and all she could say was let’s try a different medication.

She scheduled my endoscopy for next week and informed me that if there is irritation or something worse she would be prescribing more medication.  I respect medical professionals but why do I feel like it doesn’t matter what changes I’ve made and the fact that I feel much better without the PPI.  Are people with GERD doomed to be on medication forever?