eat right and enjoy it

moving away from GERD to surviving and thriving on a plant-based diet: follow me and learn from my challenges and as I take this journey

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I’m not perfect but these are the top 10 things I try to do every single day.  These things keep me going and feeling like I’m making progress as I deal with GERD.

  • Drink alkaline water throughout the day (to wash out or deactivate the enzyme pepsin)
  • Drink 8-16 ounces of freshly juiced, green vegetables (these vegetables are alkaline and full of micronutrients)
  • Exercise for at least 1 hour
  • Avoid sugar-laden and starchy foods as much as I can
  • Avoid processed foods (which means I’m constantly cooking)
  • Eat whole foods as much as possible (I love the produce section of the grocery store, I view it as my pharmacy)
  • Eat a spoonful of Manuka Honey 3 times a day (to help soothe my throat and stomach)
  • Try not to eat anything after 6:00 pm (if I eat anything 4 hours before I go to bed I’m guaranteed to wake up with a stomach ache and sore throat)
  • Sleep with my head elevated (this is hard for me to do every night)
  • Show my husband that I appreciate him for helping me